Clearly, we wish only the best for Jagex along with RS gold the continued well-being of RuneScape, however, the Sal's community has asked itselfcan we encourage this newest move by Jagex to implement micro-transactions, a transfer they themselves only a few years ago could have termed unethical? The solution is no. Even as pricey as it might be for one to buy enough spins to advance a skill to level 99, it still remains the chance exists for a Jagex-sponsored RWT extravaganza. It has since then grown into a community full of different people from different walks of life. We're pleased to maintain a Platinum-level fansite rating, because it shows our dedication to this game, the high standards set by Jagex, and the player-community. However, because we have such love for this game, we must request that Jagex reconsider their choice, and recall the soul of the game is the thing that brings people to it.

It is highly disappointing, on login, to watch Jagex pushing the Squeal Wheel so aggressively, as well as so prominently displaying the choice to pay real-world money to purchase more twists. This is such a far cry from the first stances supposedly held by this company that it's nauseating. Jagex's discount for player security by making it so simple to buy spins with stored credit card information opens less-aware players as much as hardship if their accounts password has been stolen. What's more, Jagex's and their obvious intent to take advantage of their users--especially younger gamers --in what is basically a form of gambling is deeply troubling to clients who recall a much more"players-first" RuneScape that has slowly been eroded as time has improved.

These remarks could well finish in Sal's losing its Platinum-level score. But we are servants to our community, and we feel confident knowing that these perspectives are keeping with the authentic spirit of the game, which perhaps has been the driving force of the website for all its years. This is a choice of conscience. We can't in good faith support this move by Jagex.

While this all may sound rude or unpleasant considering how much we all have loved RuneScape through time, it is only said out of buy OSRS gold that same love and care. We simply have invested a lot of our own time and effort into this game and its own community we are deeply troubled that something as unethical as this recent update by Jagex would ever show up in this fantastic game. We promote Jagex, if they see this, to not be insulted, but awed by the fact that they have created a community with an ethical sense this robust and be motivated to work with the community to achieve a solution that pleases both parties. Thank you.