Earlier this year, after seeing Closed Alpha in some regions, EVE Echoes, as a mobile derivative of EVE Online, will enter the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale Open Beta on iOS and Android in December. At that time, we have the opportunity to see the difference between this mobile game and the PC game.

Tomorrow, the EVE Vegas event will be held at the Playground in the United States. If you have the opportunity to participate, you can experience the Beta version before EVE Echoes is released. If you did not participate, then the waiting time for EVE Echoes to go online is not too long.

As the developer of Eve Online, CCP and NetEase collaborated to launch EVE Echoes. NetEase's NeoX graphics engine allows CCP to create a huge open world where players can live freely.

This sounds really interesting. They have more than 8,000 solar systems, 100 types of ships, and many independent factions and empires. Its player-driven economy is the same as Eve Online. This EVE Echoes ISK means that the players you interact with here are all people in real life.

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You can decide how to interact with them. You can be a pacifist who creates a strong economy with other participants and earns a reputation for being an excellent business partner. In addition, you can also serve as a notorious combatant who kills enemies. But your reputation will be damaged.

In December of this year, EVE Echoes will announce public beta versions of iOS and Android. You can visit the official website to participate in pre-registration.EVE Echoes aims to provide players with a large space where they can have their own lifestyles, where players can live freely. Players can get a small amount of EVE Echoes ISK as a login reward every time they log in to the game. But this EVE Echoes ISK is not enough to meet the needs of players. But the MMOWTS website can meet the needs of players.